Tap2earn authentic review l scam or legit?

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, offline employment, as well as online employment or earning money, has become quite popular. There are many apps, websites, groups online through which you can make money.

 However, there are more fake websites online, so the chances of being deceived are higher. So many people may be wondering, how do I know which website is real or can be monetized? 

Tap2earn is one kind of way to make money online, but it has some problems. Dear reader, if you want to make money online through Tap2earn, then you must read this article carefully.

 Here are the things you need to know about Tap2earn as a new user. Let’s start. 

What is Tap2earn 

Tap2Earn, number one Influencer Network in the world. It is a get paid website that claims that it can help you to make $500 per day online.

 It operates similarly to sites like OhMyDosh and Swagbucks. They only differ in that they deeply have a heavy focus on members’ recruitment.

But it’s very hard to withdraw your money from Tap2Earn without referring to any person. Though Tap2Earn boasts their ten years of existence, deep from my research, it’s barely a few months old since it was started.

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The domain of tap2earn.co was activated on September 10, 2019, as from their launching day, according to Whois.com.According to their website, Tap2Earn is based in Laan van Langerhuize 1, Amstelveen, 1186 DS Netherlands. This differs from the Whois.com data that shows it was registered in California, US.

The company is founded by Davis O’Brien and Henry Chaplin. However, it’s a Parent company, Zindex, seems to not exist.

According to their website, this company was around since 2005. But Google of Zindex confirms that this is not true. 

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How does it work

 Like any other GPT platform, Tap 2 Years is a platform where you can earn more for less work. Let’s see how it works.

1. Sign up for and join. Here, you will be paid $25 to join.

2. Copy and share your unique link on any of your social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). If someone joins through your referral link, you will be paid $10 for each person.

3. You can withdraw your money through Bitcoin, PayPal, Check or any other savings account. 

So far, they show that they only pay $20. So the clarity of how much you have to earn for each offer is unclear.

With Tap2years you can earn more money but refer it to your family members or a friend. For every click, $2 for each successful referral you make, and if someone joins through the link you provide, you can earn $10.

Then, you can earn up to $30 to enter the competition and complete the survey. Whenever you install the Tap2year app on your mobile phone, you can make an extra $10.

You can earn up to $50 by uploading a video about Tap2Earn to your YouTube account to make extra money. But to withdraw your money from Tap 2 years, you have to earn $100.

Once you reach the 100 targets, you’ll be able to withdraw cash through cash apps, checks, PayPal, Bitcoin, or any international account you use. 

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Is it legit or a scam

According to a study, Tap 2 years can be a scam though. When I do more research on this, I find that the customer support team has two beautiful women who are their authorized directors on their home page, and they are both models of T-shirts. However, I am a little sceptical about whether they are actively working as models or whether they are directors of this company.

Whenever you enter their website, you will be surprised by their posing and background. When I checked the Twitter and Instagram accounts of Tap 2 years, I thought I would get a lot of followers, but I didn’t get many followers.

They’ve been operating for so long, and even after offering $25 just to sign up and $10 for referrals, their followers are disappointingly very low. I was very disappointed when I found out that they only have 32 tweets and 31 Instagram posts.

 Although they claim, they are the number one influencer in the world. But I don’t think so. I’m not discouraging you from making money through Tap2years.

 But I would just advise you to waste your time and resources which are all extremely valuable. 

My experience with Tap2earn

At first, I started really well with earning Tap 2. Even though I started with someone else’s refer link, it was a good start.

I shared the link on my Instagram store. Oddly enough, I didn’t receive any welcome or confirmation emails after signing up. 

 I had to try many times to click on the site, and after many attempts, I was able to complete five offers. I use various websites to make money online, such as Swag bucks, OhMyDosh, InstaGC and many more. I know offers don’t always track, so I waited patiently.

While some offers at Tap2earns are said to be $30, only $20 was paid to complete the offers. They didn’t even reward me for tracking my offers.

I have completed seven offers so far. But only 2 of them have tracked me and given me rewards. They didn’t even reply to my telegram. 

Mine. More than $200 is at risk here. I search for an email address to earn Tap2.

 But sadly the email address provided to them also doesn’t work.

False video

You will find many glamorous videos of making money through Tap2earns on YouTube. They claim that they have become self-sufficient by earning money through Tap2earns. 

But in most cases, they are giving you false information. So beware of these videos. 

No support 

There will be no help for you from Tap2earns. Their telegram account does not notify any user of their message, their contact button does not work, and their email address does not receive emails. 

If you check out their social media posts, you will notice that most people are complaining about being a Tap2earns scam. In Instagram posts, you just notice their comments.

There are many ways to make money online today. However, before following any method, you should know well about it. I am not discouraging you from using Tap2earns. If you really want to use Tap2earns, you must remember the things mentioned in this article. But if you ask me if you should use Tap2earns, I would say it would be wise not to spend your time here. 

What is Tap2earn

Tap2Earn, number one Influencer Network in the world. It is a get paid website that claims that it can help you to make $500 per day online.

Hi, I’m Sk Nuruddin, founder of timeofearn.com. My mission is to help you to achieve your own version of financial freedom. TimeOfEarn.Com always provides authentic information regarding Money.

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