Top 15 Online Data Entry Jobs from Home Without Investment ($10 Per Hour)

After COVID-19, People are increasingly interested in working online. Also, housewife and students at home are showing particular interest in Online Data Entry Jobs from Home Without Investment.

And at the same time some wrong companies are taking advantage of it Because as the epidemic spreads, millions of people are dying. Everyone is looking for opportunities to earn money from home. Today in this article, I will talk about some of the online data entry jobs that you can make $10 per Hour sitting at home.

There is no age, educational qualification or gender for the tasks I will discuss in this article.

Types of Online Data Entry Jobs from Home Without Investment

Listen First find out what types of data entry jobs are available online.

There are usually 8 types of data entry work online.

Classified data entry job

Regular data entry job

Medical transcriptionist & medical coder

Amazon mechanical truck job

Online form filling and service job

Database data entry job

Writing job

Customized data entry job

Let’s find out in detail, and how you can get these jobs, what you need to do these jobs,

The requirement of Online Data Entry Jobs 

There is no set educational qualification or age for Online Data Entry Jobs from Home Without Investment,

You can do these things from wherever you want or whenever you like, like your time,

All you need is a computer and internet connection for data entry work.

There are lots of sites available online for data entry work, but most are fake websites, you have to be careful of these, So you need to have enough knowledge for data entry work, I am discussing all these issues.

Data Entry Keyers

These tasks are basically database typing, such as a business document, a legal document, or an educational institution document. In different organizations, I say this with their customers and ask them to type in a particular format, Such as Microsoft Excel or their specific format,

Every company pays a lot of money for data entry keyer, So to do this, you need to have a little bit of knowledge of Microsoft Excel as well as typing speed.

You can easily earn 10 to 15 dollars by doing this in the beginning, as you increase your skills, you can make a lot of money here.

 Data Entry Clerks

The data entry clerk is basically like a company clerk. Exactly what a company clerk does offline. After covid-19, Most of the companies are doing a lot of advertising for this kind of work on Fiverr.

You can get this kind of work if you search a little on Fiverr. You can have a long term contract with any company for this work And can charge 15 dollars per Hour.

Converting Image to Text

These tasks are very easy because you have to look at some image files and type them. These are usually 100 to 200 words, and you need to type them into notepad and deliver them.

These tasks are very easy to do but need to be accurate. Some companies don’t want to get paid if you don’t want 90% accurate work.

But if you do these things carefully, you can make 100 Dollars a day.

The easiest work in the world of online data entry jobs without investment, because your job is to type after hearing something. Those tasks can be done very easily by anyone. You can call this job a transcribing job.

However, your typing speed plays an important role here Because you can do things only if the typing speed is a little better here Because you have to type as soon as you hear something.

These tasks are very easy, so the income is also very low. You can get 5 dollars for each file.

Online Data Entry Jobs from Home Without Investment

Medical Transcriptionist

There is a huge demand for jobs in the United States. A medical transcriptionist basically converts a voice file into a word file Such as various types of voice mail messages, phone call recording, conference call medical files, etc.

The wording of different types of video conferencing is often not clear, so different people associated with the medical world want them in the word file.

Find some experience for different companies in the United States, as well as pay from 20 – 25 dollars per Hour.

Medical Coder

 Doctors give some shorthand in their own writing style, and it is the job of the medical coder to make them complete.

However, this job is not for everyone because to do these jobs, and you need a degree and previous work experience and training.

 Amazon Mechanical Turk

This is a prayer that allows data entry workers across the United States to work online. Amazon Mechanical Turk is also known as mTurk.

There are basically three types of work available such as microdata entry, survey, and transcription job.

There is a lot of competition here too because mTurk will take a test before you get the job and you have to pass if you can’t pass you have no chance of getting the job.

So to work here, you must have skills you must have a high paying job here but not for everyone.

Captcha Solving

Captcha entry is best for starting the first data entry work in life.

To do this, he doesn’t need any qualifications; he doesn’t have to work on any specific software.

All you have to do is type in some screenshots and some images. If you are a housewife or student, then this job is best for you. You can do things whenever you want and earn up to 10 to 30 dollars per day very easily.

If you want to be able to do these tasks very easily in your spare time while travelling, this task is best for students. Captcha solving best Online Data Entry Jobs from Home Without Investment

Copy & Paste Job

After hearing the name copy-paste, you may have understood what you need to do. I doubt if there is an easier job online than this. All you have to do is convert some PDF files to Word documents or convert some Excel files to Word files or convert a Word file to an Excel file.

These are usually names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. to convert different data into different files.

If you do not have a computer, you can easily do this with some companies. There are many tasks that you can do easily on mobile.

Data Formatting Job

These tasks are usually in Word document; you may be given some data by your company, such as email id, phone number, all this is a long format. The organization you work for will tell you how to create these word documents, which bullet points to add, which to bold, and which fonts to keep.

If you do this carefully, you can earn up to $10 per Hour.

Online Form Filling

Online form filling means that a company will provide you with a form and provide you with some data, Such as phone number, customer’s name, full home address, bank account details etc.

Your job is simply to enter that data into the form from the data that your company will provide.

Some companies in the United States pay up to $100 to complete a form.

Online Surveys

Your company will not give you any data in the online survey. Your organization will ask you several questions you need to answer using your brain.

There are 5 to 10 questions in each online survey, and you have to answer like your idea, so it is essential to know about different topics to do the online survey work.

Although online survey work is not very popular in India, some people in the United States who are only involved in the online survey profession. And for USA best Online Data Entry Jobs from Home Without Investment. And this is the only online survey that earns their living.

Web Content Writing  

Web Content Writing is a very easy job if you have no previous experience; you can easily do this job with ideas from Google.

This is very easy for those who are constantly writing web content. They can easily write a lot from their own ideas and earn a lot of money very easily.

If you start working with a little experience, you can easily earn 30 to 40 dollars for every 1000 words.

Proofreading & Editing

If you are not used to writing or if you do not like writing then this job is definitely for you, Because you don’t have to write here, you have to correct grammatical misspellings in any article.

Then, of course, you need to have good knowledge of English.

Classic Data Entry Jobs

Classic data entry has been around for a long time in the online world, and If you want to make data entry work for a long time, then classic data entry is for you. This is the best Online Data Entry Jobs from Home Without Investment

Email Processing

The most popular work in the world of data entry is, Everyone wants to do this because there is no need to write or correct or fill out the form,

The company you work for will provide you with links to several websites in your email. Your job is to visit all those sites in 50 to 60 minutes by clicking on the link.

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